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    Pros And Cons Of Loft Conversion

    Loft (Roof) Conversion is the latest emerging trend in a country like London in order to create effective living space for the people. Effective planning of each and every area of the house is essentially required in systematically planed country like London. In order to plan the space of the house effectively people generally prefer to apply loft conversion in London. They appoint a suitable Loft Company London for this purpose. The majority of companies are available of Loft Conversion North London. This location is considered to be a hub for loft conversion.

    However, Loft Conversion does not prove to be a suitable option every time for any kind of enlargement in the home. The suitability of loft conversion for a home depends on various criterion as well as situations. Along with the significant advantages of Loft Conversion, some disadvantages are also attached with it.

    Suitability of Home –

    Prior to the conversion of loft, the people are essentially required to understand the significant suitability of their home for loft conversion. Some of the basic factors which decide the suitability of a house for loft conversion include:

    • Roof: The pitch of the roof as well as the floor size plays a major role in recognizing the suitability of a home for effective loft conversion. The authentic covering of the roof must be in a suitable condition to obtain ideal results of re-roofing. However, this loft conversion proves to be significant for every type of roof including truss roof and binder roof.

    • Ceiling beneath the roof: The ceiling made up of plaster board provides a sustainable fire resistance as well as sound insulation for the floor. It also plays a significant role in recognizing the suitability of a home for loft conversion. Sometimes, it is also required to improve the condition of ceiling also to get the loft conversion done.

    • Supporting Walls: The supporting walls which bear the complete load of the roof and the ceiling should also be considered while planning for loft conversion. The outside wall with 215 mm thickness and inside wall with 100 mm thickness proves to be ideal for bearing the load of roof conversion. However, beyond this limit, the advice of a specialist is essentially required.
    • Foundation: The additional load of the loft conversion offers huge impact on the structure of the house which eventually is related to its basic foundation. Thus the foundation of the house must also be checked before planning a loft conversion. The foundation should be strong enough to bear the load of the entire house along with the converted loft.

    • Layout: The complete layout of the floors already existing in the house also restricts the procedure of loft conversion in terms of creating means for fire escape. There are various situations in terms of layout under which, it becomes difficult to carry out an effective loft conversion in the house.

    Regulations for Loft conversion –

    The people are essentially required to consider building regulations as well as planning permission to get the loft conversion done successfully. The planning permission is not necessarily required for many cases while the building regulations are undoubtedly required covering various factors like access to stairs, insulation escape in the situation of fire.

    Types of Loft Conversion –

    Different types of Loft conversion are available with numerous professional companies matching with the specific requirements of the people. Some of them include:
    • Roof light Conversion: The Roof light conversion proves to be an effective and highly reasonable approach for loft conversion if the size of the roof already existing is exceptionally large. In this type of loft conversion, an effective roof light is installed on the roof to create adequate headroom for the people. This type of conversion proves to be ideal for the level of first floor only.
    • Dormer Conversion: This type of loft conversion is generally used in the situation where the size of the roof is not effectively large. In this approach, a dormer is generally preferred to sufficiently increase the living space of the people.
    • Mansard Conversion: The mansard conversion is also a significant kind of loft conversion which possesses a steep roof as well as a shallow roof on the top. Moreover, in current scenario, the upper roof is generally flat. The building which is generally detached proves to be ideal for this type of conversion by significantly offering an ultimate appearance.
    • Hipped roof to Gable Conversion: Another significant type of Loft conversion is converting the hip into a gable in order to create more and more head rooms for the house. This type of conversion proves to be fruitful for detached buildings at it can be applied on the both the ends of the building.

    Pros and Cons of Loft Conversion –

    Loft conversion does not always remain a practical way for the enlargement of houses in London. It has both advantages and disadvantages attached to it which have been discussed hereunder.

    Pros of Loft Conversion –

    Loft Conversion offers highly significant advantages to the people in numerous ways. Some of them include:
    • It increases the value of the house with 10 to 20 percent.
    • Loft conversion also helps in increasing the living space for people which can be conveniently used.
    • It also negates the expense as well as upheaval of house moving.
    • It offers instant turnaround by consuming maximum time of 6 to 8 weeks for completion.
    • Rarely requires any kind of planning permission.

    Cons of Loft Conversion –

    Apart from various advantages of Loft conversion, there are several disadvantages also attached to it which include:
    • It creates comparatively less value of the house than the traditional method of extension.
    • It is very much invasive as the workmen poses easy access inside the home.
    • The people are generally left with no storage space.
    • The value of the home varies according to the location of home.

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    Enhance the interiors of your house with best Loft Conversion Company London

    In order to keep pace with the emerging trends of technology as well as innovation, and ensure an extremely luxurious as well as comfy lifestyle, huge masses of people in London are turning towards loft or roof conversion. In fact, it has become an essential necessity to plan the existing space of your home efficiently and increase its value. London, being a methodically planned country does not provide huge options for space expansion in residential areas. However, in order to ensure effective space utilization at your home, a professional loft conversion company London can prove to be an ultimate helping hand to serve the purpose effectively. 

    Finding a suitable company

    Keeping in mind the increased demands of loft conversion services in London, huge numbers of companies are accessible of Loft Conversion .The northern part of London covers the major section of such companies. In order to search out for the most suitable and reliable company of loft conversion in this location, it is essential for the people to keep in mind three major factors related to such companies including:
    ·         The years of expertise and experience possessed by the company.
    ·         Ensuring complete project management.
    ·         Comparison of prices charged by them for a particular service. 

    Why hire a Loft conversion professional?

    The professional Loft Conversion Company London generally offers impeccable services to meet out the specific requirements of the customers in managing their spaces efficiently. Being an outstanding professional they possess highly qualified and skilled team of professionals who possess several years of expertise in the field of remodeling. They work dedicatedly to provide you with ultimate designs of loft conversion and actively look after the complete management of your project. Being professionally trained and possessing several years of experience, they are capable of handling all types of critical and complicated circumstances of your home without any compromise in terms of quality.          

         Advantages of loft conversion 

        Loft conversion being an outstanding innovation of technology does not prove to be a fruitful and practical way every time for the enlargement of your house. However, it proves to extremely advantageous under certain circumstances if consulted by an extra ordinary professional of Loft Conversion North London

        Some of the major benefits rendered by this method of space expansion include:

        This method is capable of effectively increasing the value of your house by 10 percent or upto 20 percent.
    ·         It can also ensure effective planning of your living space thereby providing a stunning look to your interiors.
    ·         It is comparatively a less time consuming and money saving method as compared to moving to another house.
    ·         This method rarely demands for any kind of permission related to planning.

    Obtain maximum benefits

    Don’t spend most of your time thinking about the conversion at your home. Immediately consult a renowned Loft Conversion company London to obtain best in class and customized solution of your specific requirement and remain free from any kind of fuss.

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    Things you must know for Loft Conversion North London

    Loft conversion is the newest trend in architecture. People situated in north London are growing a fetish about this. This is making them to take steps like inserting a loft space in their house. Being loft the place, an alteration and conversion requires a brief research. 

    Things you must know for Loft Conversion:

    §  First of all, a loft conversion means changing and altering the structure of the roof of house.
    • Before on does that with his or her house, a meticulous calculation is definitely be done for better accessibility to a gorgeous loft.
    • According to the loft conversion london specialist in North London, as all houses are not suitable for conversing a loft- one need to put attention to the basics of height, weight and ceiling joists carefully.
    • Apart from that as the lofts are conversed for staying there as well, it is suggested by the specialists to estimate the space, light and air there in the loft.
    • Estimating the space and giving the contract to the professional architects will lead you to a successful loft and you as well can use the place for your job or recreation.
    • North London authority is strict about their regulation for high rise. Therefore, an application to building regulations is necessary. The approval is subjected with a full-proof plan of your loft and the basics of the architecture.
    • However, all these points mentioned above will go in vain if one had not estimated the budget for loft conversion in london. It is suggested that you should plan of a loft conversion as much your budget permits. Comprising the budget may lead you to comprising of the quality of the loft. 
    Now as you know about the know-how of conversing loft present in your house; you have the option choosing among the type of loft conversion in london that fits your structure of house or your choice. The option can be of dormer conversion that can give your house few more space; a staircase is added advantage to reach there. On the other hand, roof window conversion titivates the house from outside. Inside you are advantageous of getting more style, light and open spaces not wasted for windows.

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    How to make an old house look good by getting Loft Conversion?

    When your house is becoming old and you are also in want of space then it is ideal to go for Loft Conversion. It will give your house a new look and will also add a new charm to your house. This will for sure make your house look good.

    Every house has a loft. Of late, loft conversion are quite popular in making the house look good, increases the space of the house and also the value of the property. A loft can be converted into a functional area i.e. it could be made into a bedroom or a library or an office room or a children’s play area or a study or whatever you want to have in the space available. Most of them do not require any permission to be got from the state department unless it involves changes to be made in the roof. Only in the case of any alteration to the roof, the necessary permission should be taken.
    When you hire the right contractor who is good in loft conversion, it will ease your work. A professional contractor will also advice you on how to utilise the space available in a more efficient manner and at the same the area when converted adds to the decor of the house. These lofts will also be having beautiful wooden floor and comes with good lighting. Some of the lofts even come with natural lighting as well. So when they are converted into any functional area it will look attractive. Apart from having a regular three bed room house, the loft conversion adds extra space to your house which could be even a bedroom. This increases not only the beauty of the home but also the value of the home. 

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    At times, you might be having guests or you might require more space. When you carry out the loft conversion, it provides you with the extra space without curtailing the space meant for other area.  This helps you in accommodating guests during Christmas or if you have more children it will provide enough space for them. The rooms built with a staircase will look good and will make it look like a duplex homes. Always the contractor you hire will be able to tell you about the stairs and might guide you as to how effectively that space could be converted and also when converted how good it will look. You can also share your idea with him and work out on which will suit your house best and also enhances the look of your home.

    Accordingly, you can ask your contractor to carry out the work. You need not have to worry about that there will be so many people working in your home. If you want to move in to some other house also till the work gets done, you might do so. But ensure that your hire the right contract who will not mislead you both in work as well as in cost. It is ideal to inspect his previous work as to how well he has done and how it has added to the look of the house. This will give the home owner an idea about the contractor’s work and you can carry out the conversion work and can enjoy the new look of your house as well as extended space.